Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In process!

I grew up in a family that had a ton of pets.  Here is a memorial embroidery for my favorite twelve!  It's a process.  I couldn't remember exactly how all of the pets had died, so I called my parents and my brother and sister to confirm the text.  It was a little controversial.  My brother was five when our pet parakeet, Keeter, died.  He swears that he was starved to death by my parents who were trying to teach us a lesson in responsibility.  My mom says that he died of old age.  Needless to say, revisiting the lives of these tiny (and not so tiny) lovely animals was a fun adventure.  Who knew there were so many mysteries to be uncovered from our childhood???? 

I hope to finish this soon, but I work on it when all my other work is done and when Abe is sleeping...  so it takes a little bit. 

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