Sunday, June 6, 2010

My bf gives good gifts.

Thunderstorms are a great time to revisit classic psychedelic albums.  This week, with all the thunderstorms, we realized that Andy's copy of Dark Side of the Moon was basically unplayable.  Knowing my love for Pink Floyd, he went over to Bullseye Records to buy a more decent copy and found this one.  It has the original poster and sticker still inside and plays like a dream.  Sacrilege to stick a sticker that is older than me?  I don't care.  Where should I stick it!?!  Oh so many good possibilities.


  1. Nice find! Pink Floyd is a dear old friend of mine. I can't believe you're going to peal the backing from that sticker! When I was a kid, I used tape to stick my sticker collection in a book!

  2. i used to tape my sticker collection into a book too! then i realized that sticking them is way more fun! haha. (that haha is an evil haha!)