Friday, September 17, 2010

Chicken Big!

Keith Graves may have won the title of my new favorite children's author with this book, Chicken Big.  It is a tale of crowd mentality and mistaken identity in an itty-bitty chicken coop on a teeny little farm.  The story begins with an enormous egg that begins to hatch.  With the many chicken opinions clucking around the flock, an unfortunately large chick becomes an outcast as they attempt to figure out what exactly he is because he is obviously too big to be a chicken! The flock is comprised of ridiculously opinionated characters and as the giant chicken continues to save them time after time, their guess of what he could be changes from an elephant to a sweater in a hilarious spiral.  

The illustrations are beautifully hand-drawn with a loose, comic book design complete with exclamatory bubbles exclaimed by the chickens - RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!  Basically, this book is fun to look at, fun to read and a funny, lovely story for anyone with an affinity for a fantastically odd parable.  

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