Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gem of the season

This beautiful lady portrait of my Grandma Dar made it into my hands this Christmas through a suprising game of White Elephant.  I usually refuse to play after the crap-loads of stuff I have to carry back to my house and put into the basement-- but this year after a Christmas Eve trip to Walmart and a lucky streak on a claw machine, a dumb present landed in my lap without me having to think about it much so I threw it in a bag and then threw the bag into a pile.  This was the last present to be opened, otherwise it would have been in high demand (instead of the cow hide that my dad "found" in the alley behind the furniture store -- this is what I am talking about).  This photograph was taken right before my grandma went to prom with my grandpa - she was 18.  She worked in a photo studio where her job was to oil paint onto the photographs to make them look colored, so the paint is her handiwork.  Pretty amazing.

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