Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wedding present Quilt design.

Oh wedding presents.  I actually hate trying to give wedding presents.  Registries seem so boring and are actually so time-consuming to fulfill that I usually wait until the last minute and then end up buying the first thing I come across in the store.  Sometimes though, someone really important to me gets engaged and the sheer thought of going through the motions kinda makes me want to gag - but also makes me want to make them something pretty special.  These presents are generally insanely time-consuming, but I hope thoughtful enough that they will not get relegated to the "garage sale" pile in 20 years. 

My bestest friend for so many years is now engaged and I am trying to figure out what exactly to make for her.  And because I know she never reads my blog, I feel pretty confident that I can use you, cyberspace, as a sounding board.  I am leaning toward making her a quilt - because she has always wanted to learn how to make one and because she always loves the quilts I have made in years past, but I've never made one for her.  Plus her and her soon-to-be-hubby are couch sitters and cuddlers.. it might just be the perfect fit. 

Here's the plan:  1 inch squares made in illustrator, color palette to come later.. All measured out, it'll be about five feet wide, before the border.  Now, please tell me - is this nice?  or crazy?  Mostly it'll be just a quilt - but I need some answers before I start cutting stuff out.


  1. I think it's fantastic. Crazy in a quirky I love it way, not creepy what the hell was she thinking way ;)

  2. that's awesome! do it... if you have time. 1" squares sound hellish to quilt.