Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thifting scores

One more thing that changed in my life after becoming a mother:  My thrifting habits.  I used to run directly to the dress section, but as life continues and our priorities shift my new favorite section is books.  I have always been a sucker for instructional craft books and of course the occasional cookbook that hasn't been snatched up by the most hard-core collectors of them all -- but vintage children's books may be the undiscovered niche of the thrifting world.  This is a little tip of the iceberg on what I have been finding lately.  Each is filled with amazing illustrations and strange little lessons.  Like Augusta Goldin's book "Where does your garden grow" let's us in on the secret that there is soil under your house!  Leo Lionni abstractly describes how friendships develop through torn paper illustration.  Robert Sargent relays a story about cats and owls once told to him by his uncle.  And the most lovely find of them all, "Seals on Wheels" by Michele Shulte- first given to me for Abraham by Kim Kisiolek because it was her favorite book as a child.  This color & rhyming book is almost impossible to find even on Amazon for less than $50-- but amazingly I was able to find a copy at an undisclosed location just outside of Milwaukee.  And although Abe's book collection is still mainly occupied by Karin Katz, Mo Willems and Blue's Clues I will tell you that peppering his collection with these beauties is pretty satisfying. 

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