Monday, April 30, 2012

Family Tree #2

When I finished embroidering my first family tree, I thought that would be the end of those.  They are intense to say the least.  It was for close friends getting married, the inspiration struck me and I embarked on a project that consumed all my free time.  It was a nice project for a couple reasons.  The first, embroidery to me is incredibly satisfying and the second, I was pregnant for the first time and since all my friends would spend their nights at the bar I was able to spend my nights with a family tree embroidery.  More images of the first one here.  

A few weeks ago I was approached by a friend to commission another family tree embroidery.  I was a little hesitant to accept, but strangely enough it was perfect timing.  Three years later, now pregnant with my second I not only had the time, but somehow my intense desire to nest while knocked up makes undertaking a project like this not as daunting. 

My embroidery is placed on an antique textile that combines the existing pattern with my new design.  In this particular pattern, the bride and groom have personal affiliations with anchors and squirrels, which were included in the design at my friend's suggestion.  This family tree maps back to the grandparents, with siblings included at the sides.

My favorite stitch of all time is the woven fill that I used to create the anchors.  Which you can find here.  Tell your friends.  It is the best. 

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