Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's always flattering when another maker calls me to make something for them.  This was a commission project long in the making after Beth Eaton asked me if I could possibly make her some pillow cases.  We messaged back and forth for awhile trying to figure out exactly what this would entail.  She had some down pillow forms she wanted to reinstate into her living room so in the beginning at least we had a size to work from.  Then I had a baby.  Then I brought the baby home from the hospital and began to think about pillows again.  I ended up designing the pillows and she worked with her family of four to come up with the colors.  Everyone picked a design and then they picked their own color.  And here they are.  All finished.

Each pillow was hand pieced and machine sewed quilting style with a zipper opening in the back.  She hasn't picked them up yet, but I have a good feeling the pillows will be right at home when they finally get placed on her couch (and her kiddos start breaking them in).

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