Sunday, June 20, 2010


SPOTTED!  Temper Temper t-shirt of 2005.  Look a little closer and the t-shirt is a limited edition sewn and designed by Fasten Collective of 2005.  This was old school Fasten before the boutique- when we only sold in the summer at the East Side Open Market (now the East Side Green Market) in the Beans and Barley parking lot.  Vee, Laurie, Leslie and I slaved over these.  I think the band sold them for $15 a piece and they flew off the merch table before i even got to the show.  We dye-removed all the giant thrifted tees and then cut, sewed and embellished in my apartment on Oakland.  Yes, that is a stenciled cat in the corner with puffy paint detailing.  Mirabelle swears this is still her favorite shirt - she wears it all the time and I can tell you from seeing it in person, they get better with age.


  1. amazing! that cat in the lower left corner is awesome! hahaha, xoxox

  2. Vee! that cat was your stencil!