Thursday, June 17, 2010


Abe and Watt and I took Andy on a little walk to show him how our veggie patch is coming along.  We have a little plot in the community garden that was started by the Hide House this summer.  Everyone's gardens are coming along beautifully.  It's a little paradise on a lot that used to be an abandoned field of nothing.  Now there is a lot of green and a lot of community.  Pretty and perfect.


  1. actually that empty lot was where my block played football before your block planted veggies. but thats cool. we were done with it, it can be your turn. and hopefully the kids will figure out Humbolt park needs to be taken advantage of anyway... xo

  2. Humboldt would be a much better place to play football. I remember it as a lot with a bunch of trash in it-- but I am not a football player so maybe I didn't see the potential.