Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pure genius.

Lady time with my mom on the river.  It's always a trip planned for three-- me, my mom and my sis, but the last couple years it's been ruined by babies.  This year my sister was the prego one and even though we offered to tow her behind in an inner tube, her doctor said no.  (While we were gone she found out it's going to be a girl!!)  On the river for three lovely days, a couple deer, a couple bald eagles, two 18-packs of miller lite, a million mosquito bites that I am still scratching and a sun burn that needs a little tending.  Incredible bliss to have my phone (pretty much) off for three days straight.  Incredible to have my mom all to myself as well.

Peaceful bliss on the river for the most part.  Welcome home and I get this--

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  1. your mom is in the palm of your hand! :) how adorable. and genius.