Friday, September 2, 2011

andy and i got married

In a pretty magical whirlwind, Andrew Joseph Menchal and I were married at my parent's house on August 6, 2011 in Portage, Wisconsin.  There were 180 people, 5 kegs of beer, 2 cases of champagne, 6 cases of liquor, 12 bottles of homemade syrup, seven cakes made by a lady in town (6 vegan cupcakes), a few flower bouquets from the local farmers market, a 120 year old barn and a pig.  There was a love chant that would not yield, my mom who pretty much made everything look like it fell out of a hollywood movie (take that martha), my dad who started a leg wrestling competition at midnight (thanks dad!) and I am pretty sure most guests were hoarse the next morning because we all laughed too long and too hard that night.  Everyone danced til my mom threw the breaker in the barn at about 2:30-- but since then the rumors of what happened in the field after the dance floor closed are slowly surfacing.  It was extremely fun.  Thank you everyone. 

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